Yoga From The Neck UP

A Facial Fitness Self-Care Kit

Just 5 minutes a day keeps the wrinkles away...

~ Relax & smooth your forehead

~ Lift & tone all 43 facial muscles

~ Brighten Your Eyes

~ Fill out your lips

~ Find your inner smile


What's In The Kit?

   Lift Your SPIRIT...

                Lift Your FACE!


4 Suits of Technique Cards

  • Muscle Builders to "Pump It Up"
    • Take your face to the gym 
  • Stress Erasers to "Let It Go"
    • Massage away wrinkles 
  • Vitalizers "Chi Boosters'
    • Increase blood flow
  • Superchargers "Tools For Ascension"
    • Find your happy place

Chinese Acupressure Tools

  • 2 Jade Hearts     
  • 1 Jade Roller

Eye Jellies

Illustrated Booklet

"Happy is the Real Pretty" Ebook 



"When My Eyes Are Swollen I Take The Jade Hearts Out Of The Freezer & Hold Them Under My Eyes For 2-3 Min ~ The Puffiness Just Disappears!"

~ Sally McCormick


A Note from Yogi Kait

Hello New Friend!  

As a natural beauty enthusiast, my sincere hope is that this practice lifts not only your face, but also lifts your spirit! Be kind & keep smiling....

Be beautiful on the inside!  

~ Kaitlen